For all hydrocarbon based fuels. (  Diesel, Petrol, Paraffin and all Aircraft Fuels )
Very effective as a way to  remove water and dirt from fuel when transferring fuel from fuel drums and cans etc into Vehicles, Boats, Gensets, Airplanes etc.

The Racor Fuel Filter Funnel (RFF) is a NEW heavy-duty, easy-flowing,
filter-in-a-funnel that separates FREE WATER and dirt from liquid fuels, removes dirt above a 100mic. and allows you to visually inspect the quality of your fuel supply as you refuel.

Prevents Fuel Contamination
Water and dirt  are common in stored fuel such as in cans, drums etc.
These contaminants block filters, corrode components and can cause engine
damage. The RACOR  RFF funnels deal with this problem very effectively !

Features and Benefits

  • Rugged & robust  construction.
  • Teflon coated stainless steel filter gauze.
  • Four different sizes, with flow rates for all applications
  • Electro-conductive plastic material ( especially for Aviation Safety )
  • Will not separate Oil from Fuel in 2 stroke Mixes.
  • Filters dirt from the fuel to at least 100 micron.
  1. RFF1C (small)
    6 inch H x 3.5” dia.    (155mm H x 90mm dia.)
    2.7 gallons per minute  (10 liters per minute)
  2. RFF3C (medium)
    9 inch H x 5.5” dia.  (210mm H x 140mm dia.)
    3.9 gallons per minute  (15 liters per minute)
  3. RFF8C (large)
    10 inch H x 8.5 “dia. (255mm H x 220mm dia.)
    5 gallons per minute  (25 liters per minute)
  4. RFF15C (X-large)
    10 inch H x 5.5” dia (255mm H x 220 mm dia)
    15 gallons per minute  (55 liters per minute)

INSTRUCTIONS: Pour some clean fuel through the funnel to “wet the filter gauze“  ( Once off )
Pour a little bit of water ( 100ml ) into the funnel and this should not pass through which means that it is working fine. Never wash out the funnel, Only shake off after use, and store in a clean plastic bag.
Following these simple procedures will ensure that  your Filter – Funnel will last a long time !

These Fuel Funnels have been specially designed for Aviation use as well. When pouring fuel over plastic, static
electricity builds up which can cause a fire / explosion.  As these funnels are made with electro conductive
polypropylene, they can be grounded by attaching a wire with metal clips either side, one to the top of the funnel
( small ear with hole provided on funnel ) and the other to the fuel source i.e. fuel drum or fuel nozzle etc.
NB This is a important safety feature –  Aviation users should always follow correct refueling procedures .