It is not only cars that needs protection from fuel, aircrafts, like the light aircrafts pictured, also needs clean AVGAS. We recommend the 025 – Rac series to filter/separate dirt and water from your fuel.

Product Features:
• Patented design means no inferior elements can fit.
• Heavy duty construction in a compact package.
• Die cast mounting head with anti-rotational numb for single bolt installation.
• Aquabloc media for superior performance and element life.
• Easy servicing with spin – in element and bowl.
• 56 LPH for diesel and 113 LPH flow rate for petrol.

The Bat Hawk has been designed and developed by Micro Aviation South Africa primarily for surveillance and conservation as it is the most affordable light sport aircraft on the market. Their contact details:
Telephone: +27(0)82 828 6706 (Terry Pappas)
Mobile: +27(0)82 338 9848 (Andrew Pappas)