Racor remains the world’s favourite fuel filter. When the time comes for innovation and new creations, most of the industry will look to Racor for the latest fuel filter solutions.

Racor filters are considered to be the best in the world because they are so incredibly efficient in doing the job they are designed to do. And that job is to prevent and remove fuel contaminants, which could potentially either harm the engine or reduce the performance of the engine.

While many other brands have tried to copy the Racor style, few do it properly. The success of the filter lies with two specific patented solutions, namely the Aquabloc and the clear bowl which makes it really easy for someone to inspect the filter.

One of the latest pieces of technology to come out of Racor is the SNAPP fuel filter.

SNAPP is designed to provide a whole lot of protection for small engines and it is ideal for anyone who is looking for the easier way to change a filter. Named after its ability to simplify servicing a vessel, SNAPP makes changing a filter fast, clean and easier than ever before. You won’t need any tools and when the engine is serviced, the new filter can simply be snapped into place. The installation of SNAPP is really simple and it is a worthwhile investment.

The Components that make SNAPP the filter of choice

As with any innovation, there are a number of reasons why this filter might be just perfect for you. SNAPP is a one-piece fuel filter which means no more hassle with change outs. But that is not the only factor that makes it the filter of choice. These are the other components that make this filter such a fantastic option.

  • Easy quick connect fittings that are ideal for fast replacements.
  • Squeeze to release tabs which also make replacements faster and easier than ever before.
  • A permanent reliable, stainless steel mounting bracket that is designed to withstand the effects of being within a corrosive environment.
  • A one-piece fuel filter water separator which will provide around the clock protection. This filter works well with bio-diesel and E10 fuel.
  • A heavy-duty, durable nylon construction forms the catchment area of the filter. This component won’t rust and it is excellent for withstanding high-impacts.
  • Finally, a self-venting drain completes the SNAPP filter. This feature means that you can easily carry out a service without creating a mess.
Racor SNAPP fuel filter

As with all of the other Racor filters available, the SNAPP filter is equipped with the clear bowl for easy inspection as well as the Aquabloc filter. The Aquabloc is 99% effective when it comes to separating water and even solid contaminants from the fuel. This filter guarantees improved the performance of the engine. It is the final piece needed in order to provide your boat with complete injector protection.

Overall, the SNAPP fuel filter might be exactly what you need. It makes servicing your marine engine a whole lot easier, and quicker, while also improving the performance of your engine and at the same time protecting it from harmful contaminants.

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