Racor Fuel Filters are arguably the very best on market. And those serious about the performance of their 4 x 4 vehicles know that in order to get the best out of their cars, they need the best fuel filter available.

Without the right fuel filters, you are not only compromising the performance of your car, but you could also be unwittingly causing damage. At Turboformance, we help our clients to get the most out of their vehicles, by always recommending the best products on the market.

We supply Racor fuel filters in 10 microns as the pre-filter or 2 microns as the final filter.

Racor Fuel Filters: Some Background

Manufactured by Parker Hannifin, which is one of the world’s most diversified companies manufacturing motion and control systems, Racor fuel filters quickly became a firm favourite when they were first introduced to the market. With the technology and innovation from the team at Parker Hannifin, along with using high-quality raw material, only exceptional products are produced.

To develop the best filters, the Parker Hannifin engineers worked with customers during the initial design stages. Not only did this result in the development of a filter system designed to work optimally, but it also meant that customers would get a product configured to their requirements. After all, who best to develop a product with than the people who are going to use them?

Racor fuel filters for sale

The Racor division was founded in 1969.

Racor is not only a leader in fuel filters, but they also manufacture air, oil and coolant filtration systems for a variety of internal combustion engines in order to optimise the delivery of fuel within the various vehicles. Along with a selection of different types of filters, Racor also manufactures additives. These concentrated additives are used to improve the performance of the fuel.

One of the reasons that Racor filters are ahead of other filters is because they have the ability to separate suspended water from diesel. While most filters are designed to remove water which is loose from the fuel, few filters have the ability to capture suspended water.

Racor not only manufactures the kind of fuel filter you would want in your vehicle, but they also manufacture parts used in other industries such as the aerospace industry.

Finer filtration, more value for money

Filters capable of providing a fine micron, are ideal for protecting engines. The problem is that they are often in a place where it is difficult to access them. These kinds of on engine filters are difficult to replace. So using a Racor filter, which is generally used as a pre-filter, can be the best way to go because they are easier to replace and they provide additional, fine filtering. The Racor filter can ensure that no water gets into your engine and in the long term, it will provide a more cost-effective filter solution.

At Turboformance, we not only provide these exceptional fuel filters, but we can also give you great advice. Our team is ready to assist you. Pay us a visit and let’s improve the performance of your vehicle.